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Blinkie Tutorial 
16th-Jul-2007 06:03 pm
Orella: y+b hearts [TEXT]
Yay a blinkie tutorial.

Programs Used:
Animation Shop 3.0

Used Boxes with text from HERE

you will be learning to make this:

pixel i used:

open up Animation Shop
load up your boxes and your pixel

next upload a new animation.

next give your new animation the same amount
of boxes that your pixel has.
(if your pixel is one frame, add how many frames your boxes are)

since the girl has 13 frames.
and your new animation already has one frame.
you're going to add 12 new frames

next you will be loading your images in your new animation.
I started with the girl first to position her.
then I added on boxes.
then I re-added the girl so it looks like
she's sitting on the boxes.

then i cropped her

now she is going a bit too fast.
so i slowed her down.
I hit 'ctrl' and 'a'
then i hit 'ctrl' and 'enter'
bringing up the setting for how fast/slow it goes
setting it to 15

clicked save.
and i'm done.
21st-Oct-2007 05:59 pm (UTC)
there's a tool.
it looks like three pages spread out.

you have to have it on for it to work:

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